Shiraz Auto Summer Tyre Special

Trust the best, to fit the best. 

Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres have being reduced in price, you can now be sure to get maximum performance out of your Mercedes-Benz. With the assurance of our highly trained Service Team and Technicians selecting the perfect tyres for the Mercedes-Benz you love and guaranteed expert fitment and alignment, using the latest technology, your Mercedes-Benz will reap the benefits of safety and comfort Mercedes is renowned for.

Some of our more popular tyres have being reduced to the following prices.   

Run Flat Tyres:

225/50 R17/94W MOE SPORTR 2 667,02
225/40/R18/92W XL MOE SPORTR 2 204,00
225/45/R18/95W XL MOE SPORTR 3 262,96
245/40/R18/97Y XL MOE SPORTR 3 103,60

Non Run Flat Tyres:

A255/35 ZR18 94Y XL SPORTR 2 774,28
A225/45 R17 91Y SC 5R 1 701,93
A245/45 R17 95W SPORT CONR 2 548,02
A245/40 R17 91Y SPORT CONR 2 342,91


Contact our Service Team today to find out more and book your Tyre Service for your Mercedes-Benz today. You can also book a service online: